Suriti Group Limited




future plan
Several investors set up League of Dream Limited in 2003. Business scope: marine equipment
The company changed its name as LQship and expand its business to crew recruitment
Our company used new ERP system and improve the management efficiency

Increase 800 squre meter's warehouse in Pudong, makes it more convenient to    deliiver goods to the port.
Increase 800 m2 warehouse at Caobao Road, Puxi.
We got 50+ new ship initial voyage supply orders and our turnover increased by 300%
Increase 800 m2 warehouse at Yaobei Road, Songjiang Distinct.
We move to Shenglong Road and built our new officer (200 m2).
We renew our websites and expand our business to new industry. We also recuit some new staffs this year. We also spend 130000 to renew our management system.
recruit 20 workers and expand our business to foreign regions
Turnover reaches $100 million!
One day quotation and one day delivery!

Suriti Group limited is located near Port of Shanghai, the largest port in the world. It is one of the largest suppliers of Marine materials in China and even the Asia-pacific region. Company focus on marine material supply, the crew meals, deck equipment and agent for ship equipment maintenance. We are going to create a new materials industry standard of the ship by rapid response, reasonable prices and quality-first principles.

Our company has many experienced staffs and a highly efficient team, with one-to-one 24 hours full-time service. We features in butler service, providing the best service for every customer. The company is equipped with modern management systems, like the ERP system to improve efficiency, and the RFID, MRP system to reduce logistics costs.

The company currently sells more than 30,000 kinds of ship supplies, and has established good business relations with more than 30 suppliers and factories across the world. Longqing wish to cooperate with domestic and overseas peers and customers to achieve win-win situations and promote the development of shipping industry.

Suriti Group will take on a new look to greet 2018.We will keep our commitment in mind to provide better services and products for our customers. We will be committed to creating the image of “the most efficient material supplier in the Yangtze River Delta region” and strive to improve our management. We will create more value for customers with a service that is higher than the industry standard.Suriti group will be with you in this new era!